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Lönnshults Aramiz

Zidane of Duke Stable
Sv 84cm. SDPC RS 722

All You Can Wish
Fx 84cm. SDPC RS 7135

Nander v. Kairos
NL-S. 0813174

Sasha of Duke Stable
Fx SPC NL-S. 0140749

Justus v. Kort Ambacht NL-S. 0806199

Didi v.d. Spieringsweg NL-S. 0102603

Gold Star v.d. Beatrixlaan NL-S. 0802592

Oilily of Duke Stable NL-S. 0130667

I Learned From The Best

Super SUCH, Small-in-Hand Champion

Wolly Winning Face, ljmos 81cm. SDPC RS 4535, BIS A

Touch of Gold, 84cm. RS 360, BIS Elit

Parlington Pimpernell 85cm. RS 250 Elit

A dream come true
Fx, ljmos 84cm. SDPC RS 4850 Super SUCH Super ELIT

Almnäs Dream 86cm. RS 3143 SUCH Elit

Far: Zidane of Duke Stable

Mor: All You Can Wish

Morfar: I Learned From The Best

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