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Lönnshults Braveheart

Another Gold Cross
Br 86cm. SDPC RS 677

Hearts on Fire
Fx 80cm. SPC RS 6483

Kameleon v. Bangaerde
Br 85cm. SDPC RS 491 Super SUCH Elit

Dendy v.h. Groenenland
Brbl 80,5cm. RS 2730 Super ELITE

Parlington Angus NL-S. 1001014

Parlington Carly NL-S. 0103221

Park View Giles NL-S.810

Zilver v.d. Wilgenpas NL-S. 96781

I Learned From The Best

Super SUCH, Small-in-Hand Champion

Wolly Winning Face, ljmos 81cm. SDPC RS 4535, BIS A

Touch of Gold, 84cm. RS 360, BIS Elit

Let´s try again 79cm. SDPC RS 375 Super SUCH Elit

Owner of a Lovley Heart

83cm. RS 5320 G I

Carmen 91cm. RS 4851 SUCH Elit

Far: Another Gold Cross

Farfar: Kameleon v. Bangaerde

Mor: Hearts on Fire

Morfar: I Learned From The Best

Helbror: Lönnshults Cross My Heart

Guld og flere gange champion hingst.

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