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Must be Magic of Riverdance

Skogskantens Bernard

89 cm, 1 premium

Cover Girl Of Riverdance

85 cm- 1 premium- KROON

Almnäs Ivory

Beauty of Duke Stable

Allright v. Spuitjesdom

Almnäs Beauty

The One and Only of Duke Stable

 Silhouette of Duke Stable

I Learned From The Best

Super SUCH, Small-in-Hand Champion

Parlington Angus

Wolly Winning Face, ljmos 81cm. SDPC RS 4535, BIS A

Touch of Gold, 84cm. RS 360, BIS Elit

Roswitha vd Olde Maten, 

1e premie, Kr Pref, bruin, 86 cm

Seva Dawn Dolly, Pref

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